God’s plan for my life unfolded as I slowly made sense out of many past challenging experiences for example, from my parents’ divorce when I was a child to my own years ago at age 31. I truly believe that not one challenge, one joy, one hurt, one experience, or one skill God has developed in my life has been left unused as I have opportunities to care for people. These challenges are now a blessing because they enable me to encourage others by listening to their struggles with compassion when they go through similar situations. I am able to look into their eyes with genuine understanding and empathize with their feelings of loss, pain, or fear. I have never felt such fulfillment or passion as I do when I am using my God-given gifts of preaching, teaching, equipping and pastoral counseling.

                       Tamara John
More About Tamara:

Tamara, for fun, aspires to be a techi geek and loves to learn to use new gadgets and apps, especially those that increase time efficiency.  Her favorite pastime is sitting quietly and thinking.  Her greatest ideas and inspiration come when enjoying the blue sky outside her window while having a hot blueberry green tea, and typing thoughts on her laptop.  She stays very active playing with her puppy named Jobie (named after Job in the Bible).  She calls him her little missionary for Jesus as everyone wants to see this puppy so cute and full of love. Not many people know that Tamara loves watching documentaries about world  and American history, Church history and historical documentaries about world religions.  She finds it fascinating that everything is cyclical and infiltrated and that societies repeat history and build on themselves over time.  Her hobbies include playing extemporaneous flute, hiking, snow-skiing and scuba-diving. What brings her the most joy is teaching the Bible, preaching about what God has done and is doing, and seeing God’s active work in someone’s life, especially when she has the privilege of being the instrument that God uses in that process.

Tamara whole-heartedly believes that one only attains peace when that person finds the groove that God created them for and gets in sync walking that path—that is where peace, purpose, joy, passion and fullness-of-life is found.  She is thrilled to help others discover their God-given path.

She meets with individuals at no charge and walks with them prayerfully guiding and helping them with the resources needed.

Tamara passionately shares, “I got to where I am because the LORD connected me with people—experts in their field—with generous hearts that their kindness has deeply influenced who I am today; I am here yearning to help others with the same.”

Tamara does not want to compound burden by charging those experiencing hardship, a typical$75 per hour counseling rate.  Rather, she asks that only when one is able, they  prayerfully consider joining her financially by donating to help support this on-going RV Ministry mission.

Hope for Life Chapel, RV Ministry is a mobile ministry that serves in four ways: Pastoral Care, Bible Study, Christ-centered Fellowship, and Disaster Relief Response.  Any amount of donation is helpful.

If you feel led to help in this ministry, Tamara asks that you please send your tax-deductible donation to:



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Rev. Tamara John Calendar
Tamara’s heart is

For the Church
Tamara volunteers her time teaching at Christ Presbyterian Church. She teaches an adult co-ed Bible Study Wednesdays at 7PM. Starting January 2014 she will teach the One-Year Chronological Bible.   You can join in at anytime.
For more information please email Tamara@TamaraJohn.com.

Study giving overview of Bible below:

For Those in Crisis
Tamara is certified as a responder in Disaster Relief and is ready with Fifth Wheel RV mobile ministry when needed for deploy.   

She yearns to share the only real comfort available in the midst of disaster—the peace and comfort that surpasses all understanding—the peace and comfort of Jesus Christ.

For Those Hurting
God has brought Tamara to a place where all her life experience is utilized.  She is passionate to help those yearning to discover who God is, why God created them and or what purpose God created them.

Tamara’s passion for pastoral counseling offers a broad spectrum of expertise which includes: prayerfully pinpointing areas for refinement such as health, finances, self-presentation, career, communication effectiveness and spiritual wellbeing to a more serious end of serving in emotional triage.  She is an encourager and walks alongside you on your journey to hope, healing, and restoration. She ministers by listening as a sounding board, praying consistently, encouraging, affirming and holding accountable to goals and commitments prayerfully discerned together. 

Pastor Tamara helps people  discover ones  God-given gifts and find ways to effectively implement them.

Through insight, compassion and encouragement, Tamara not only keeps individuals keep moving forward toward their goal but also guides them toward greater hope and inspiration in the process.

Additionally, she travels and speaks to those hurting with a message of hope, healing and restoration encouraging them to grab hold of the joy that is available and to walk in the path God created them for.mailto:Tamara@TamaraJohn.comhttp://vimeo.com/68456019https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wwbgzr5ck1jb88c/T1-0sLPdu7shapeimage_6_link_0shapeimage_6_link_1

Rev. Tamara John

Degrees and training:

Tamara has a B.A. in Management with an emphasis in retail sales from Southern Illinois University and an M.A. in Public Relations from the University of Illinois.  She has additional training in psychology, counseling, public speaking, and sales motivation. Tamara obtained certification in Hemispheric Integration with Neuro-linguistic Programming with an additional two years of training in crisis intervention and spiritual companionship, followed by a two-year internship of the same.  She has training as a hospital chaplain and has received Interim Pastor, Modular I certificate of training.  June 2011 Tamara completed her Master of Divinity Degree from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California.  Pastor Tamara is ordained by the Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) as Evangelist. 

Professional experience:

Previously, she has managed retail stores, run her own public relations business, represented not-for-profits as a lobbyist, managed event planning for the office of the Illinois Secretary of State. Proficient in public speaking she has represented companies at seminars, trainings and work-shops. During her years attending seminary she has been a life-coach.


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