--June 11, 2011--

Dear friend,

        I would like to share with you the blessing Tamara has been in my life as I have discovered a deep relationship and walk with Jesus Christ.  

        I met Tamara about four or five years ago while attending a three-day silent retreat at Saint Abbey's Monastery up in Valyermo, CA.  It was no accident that we shared a room together.  It was very soon after we met that I started attending Tamara's Bible study.  In the study, she led us with God's Spirit as we made our way studying through the Bible starting with Genesis.  

        In addition to sharing and studying God's Word, I have had the good fortune to meet with Tamara weekly for sessions.  It was here where I truly realized how God has gifted her as she loves others with Christ's love.   I have grown to know her well.  She is extremely professional in wearing her multiple hats and she is extraordinary in everything she does, as it is also evident how much she relies on Jesus and understands life's difficulties as her compassion exudes.  I can hear her saying, "Listen Les, I have made a lot of mistakes in my life.  Believe me, sister, as I tell you how much I know and am so thankful for God's grace, love, and forgiveness."  With God's guidance, Tamara has empowered and guided my steps for years. 

        Tamara possesses the Spirit of God in all communications.  She is fun, free-loving, not judgmental, all-giving, precious...I have found the inspiration of Jesus Christ through her.    She is a great woman and example of  how to trust in Jesus and have honor and integrity at any cost.  

        God has gifted Tamara with such a loving heart that will inspire you, encourage you and make you desire to be your best.  The way she juggles and manages life, she is an inspiration.  God brought me to Tamara and she is my greatest mentor for life. 

        Thank you for allowing me to share with you my experience of discovering a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.  It has been so wonderful to know Tamara that I wanted to share my experience with you as I celebrate her graduation from Fuller Seminary.




Monday, November 22, 2010

Dearest Tamara,

This morning, as we come into the week of Thanksgiving, I’m reflecting on the multitude of things and people for which I am grateful. And though my list is vast, you…are amongst but a select handful of people at the very top...people who are very, very special to me, very close to my heart, and KEY in my journey, especially as related to my Walk with Christ.

God had been calling me to new depths of faith and trust years. When I moved to California two years ago, separating myself from my lifetime of family, friends and activities, He seized the opportunity to capture my full attention. These years have been quite a journey for me, to say the least. I felt I was in a state of total desperation when I learned of you and your work. When we began working together, I clung to every word, and every session with you as if my life depended upon it…because in many ways, it did!

What a blessing you have been to me as I’ve been working my way through what felt like a most isolated, desolate personal wilderness…the journey has been rugged, and relentless. Your support, your HEART FOR CHRIST is also relentless! God’s light radiates through you like the Constant that He is...lighting a path for me, if only in incremental steps, or for a mile or more at a time, depending on where I was or am, and what is needed.

I have learned so much by working with you, Tamara. I have learned a great deal through your guidance and the tools you’ve provided for support. But most importantly, I have learned by observation – by your example. I love how you love God. I love how you ooze with passion over the Living Word, and how giddy you become in seeing His Hand at work, that you feel honored to be an instrument in His work.

My path has been challenging. My spirit was depleted. Your love for Him, and your love for me as result of Him, helped pull me out of the depths and begin to place feet on solid ground, a little bit at a time. 

There is so much I didn’t understand before. I learned that the more I trust Him, the more understanding He entrusts to me. That said, I get that the journey is new - every morning, and that the challenges are my opportunities for growth. So my challenges are also new every morning.

As you’ve taught me, God wants us to call on Him for ALL things. So this life will never be void of opportunities for me to practice my dependence on Him. And now, I understand and praise God for that dependence – for loving me that much!

I thank God for you in my life, Tamara. May God bless you for being such a blessing.

In gratitude,



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